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Dear IASP 2021 Virtual delegates,


Welcome to the virtual IASP World Conference, where our members and colleagues from around the world can come together to learn from each other and share insights from our industry with a wider audience too.


This global event provides an invaluable forum to connect innovative people, and to explore the latest trends in our industry in a world that has seen huge changes in the way we live, work and interact with each other. Multidisciplinary speakers will share their insights on the key issues affecting science parks and areas of innovation as we look beyond the disruption and reset of the pandemic to an increasingly digital future, where in-person interactions and quality spaces where entrepreneurs and knowledge workers can convene remain as important as ever.


I hope you will be there to join the online debate, networking and meetings, to benefit from the variety of models and perspectives that a network with members in over 70 countries can provide.


Paul Krutko, IASP Chairman

Dear delegates,


The last year has shown us the extraordinary capacity of innovation ecosystems around the world to cope with a crisis, and to go from strength to strength even under the most challenging of circumstances.


That’s why this year, our 38th World Conference will be exploring the theme of resilience, and taking a look at all the ways science parks and areas of innovation continue to support their communities, companies and entrepreneurs during the pandemic, the increase in collaborations, and how people came together to weather the storm.


But we aren’t only looking back, at what our innovation communities have already done: we’ll also be talking about what’s to come in the future and how the unprecedented times we are living though will shape our industry in the time ahead.


We look forward to seeing you there to explore the crucial role of innovation and other key questions together.


Ebba Lund, IASP CEO

About the International Association of Science Parks
and Areas of Innovation (IASP)

IASP is the leading association of innovation ecosystems worldwide.

Our mission is to be the global network for science parks innovation districts and other areas of innovation, driving growth, internationalisation and effectiveness for our members.


What we do


IASP coordinates an active network of managers of areas of innovation, science parks, research parks, innovation districts, knowledge cities and the like. We enhance new business opportunities for members and their companies, increase their visibility and multiply their global connections. We also represent parks and areas of innovation at international forums and institutions, and assist the development of new STPs and AOIs.

A worldwide membership-based organization, IASP is an independent non-profit NGO managed by experts in science and technology parks and areas of innovation. For further information about IASP, please visit www.iasp.ws