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TusHoldings, founded in 1994, is a leading company in sci-tech services, with over 800 hi-tech subsidiaries and nearly 200 billion asset under its management. Its flagship product TusPark has over 1500 tenant companies in its 770,000 m2 office and thousands more in its over 300 innovation bases around the world.


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Malaga City Hall


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APTE is the Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain. Today it has 62 members throughout Spain. The number of companies and institutions located in APTE science and technology parks was 7,967 in 2020. The volume of employment reached 184,508 jobs. The billing of the companies in the parks has increased to 27,244 million euros and 38,212 positions are engaged in R&D.

Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority has been established under the 'Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority Act-2010' with the objective of creating an investment-friendly environment and creating employment through the development and growth of high-tech industries in the country.

Mjärdevi in Linköping Science Park is a world-class innovation hotspot – with 7 000 brilliant minds and more than 400 companies inspiring Linköping – and the globe – with technology, services and an explorative mindset. It is a place where businesses grow and break frontiers in close collaboration with academia and talents.

Tech Parks Arizona creates the place, environment, and interactive ground that generates, attracts and retains technology companies and talent in alignment with the research, mission, and goals of the University of Arizona (UA).

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