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Check out our daily programme, with all our live content available during global prime time (14h-17h CEST), allowing you to fit our sessions in your busy agenda! The format blends external speakers with STP and AOI practitioner panels, allowing us to hear insights from a variety of global perspectives.   

We’ll hear insights from international experts, debate their practical implications for science parks and areas of innovation, and enjoy pre- and post-programme networking activities.

Day 1 - 28th September

13:00 Welcome hour with our MC Kjell Lutz, including a networking

carousel and book presentations of some unmissable reads!


14:00 Opening session with IASP Chairman and IASP CEO

14:15 Opening keynote: Darja Isaksson, Sweden

14:40 Anchoring innovation: the external perspective

15:25 Our industry in 2021: a preview of the IASP global survey

15:40 Anchoring innovation: insights from our industry

16:25 Open Innovation disruption and its impact on disruptive business models: the external perspective

16:45 Open Innovation and the deal flow of disruption: insights from our industry 


17:15 END OF DAY 1


Sessions in detail - 28th September

Innovation accelerating societal change

One way to make sense of the concept of innovation is to confront it with the real and concrete challenges that we need to address and resolve. Understanding these challenges – and even anticipating them – is a major task that requires the conjunction of different actors, inputs and expertise.

Building strong ecosystems is surely the best way to achieve this. As a crucial component of innovation ecosystems, science parks and areas of innovation need to be fully involved in the daily life of these ecosystems, but also in their creation and in the definition of their strategies, as well as being active in fostering collaboration and networking as accelerators of societal change.

Speaker: Darja Isaksson, Vinnova (Sweden)

28th September  |  14:15 CEST

Anchoring innovation: insights from our industry 

Has the pandemic triggered unexpected collaborative behaviours in science parks, areas of innovation and other innovation communities around the world? Has it been the spark that forges new alliances and new organisational solutions? Has it mobilised resources that were underutilised or too fragmented to reach their full potential?


During the pandemic we have witnessed many cases of reinforced collaboration between STPs/AOIs and city administrations, and more active networking between the companies and institutions based in science parks and innovation districts.


Have these things strengthened our innovation capacity and will they become a permanent part of our identity, or do they risk just being a temporary solution? How can STPs/AOIs make sure that the positive changes that happened as a response to the pandemic stay with us and are fully incorporated into our nature?

Panellists: Lena Miranda, Linköping Science Park (Sweden); Gavin Poole, Here East (UK); Albert Wong, Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (China)

28th September  | 15:40 CEST

Anchoring innovation: the external perspective 

Science parks and areas of innovation are places where innovation happens, but what is the ultimate goal of innovation? Is it just to help businesses stay competitive, or does it have a wider role to play in building a better world? How can innovation advance both economic development and social progress? 


This session brings together global experts to explore current innovation policies and what they are hoping to achieve, and examines how the disruption caused by the pandemic can actually help us to refocus our efforts on the real challenges facing the world today, from health to inequality to climate change.

Panellists: Julian David, TechUK (UK); Jan Breitinger, Bertelsmann Stiftung (Germany); McLean Sibanda, Bigen Global (South Africa)

28th September  |  14:40 CEST

Open Innovation and its impact on disruptive business models: the external perspective

The pandemic has seen an unprecedented acceleration in the pace of the digital revolution, with agile startups leading the way in the development and validation of new business models. But corporates can learn from their innovative approach to new venture business models, and strategically invest in and acquire them. This session will explore how we can support these open innovation processes and create clusters of innovation around corporates, as we explore the key challenges facing open innovation.

Speaker: Craig Haney, Communitech (Canada), Agustín Moro Cañada, Telefonica - Connected Open Innovation (Spain)

28th September  |  16:25 CEST

Our industry in 2021:
a preview of the IASP global survey

Get a sneak preview of the findings of the latest IASP global survey, and the latest trends in science parks and areas of innovations around the world.


IASP CEO Ebba Lund will reflect on data regarding the impact of COVID-19, pivots and adjustments our industry has experienced, and other key preliminary observations.

Speaker: Ebba Lund, IASP CEO

28th September  |  15:25 CEST

Open Innovation and the deal flow of disruption: insights from our industry

How have startups survived the massive disruption caused by the pandemic? The small innovation-based companies that make their home in science parks and areas of innovation rose to the challenge, overcoming disruption with new, agile business models.

Big companies and corporates have much to learn from their approach, and our panel of innovation ecosystem leaders will explore how STPs and AOIs are working to bring startups, investors and corporates together to create new ventures, provide disruptive innovation and a new deal flow for corporate innovation.

Panellists: Josep Piqué, La Salle Technova Barcelona (Spain); Jitendra Sharma, Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone (India); Carol Stewart, Tech Parks Arizona (USA)

28th September  |  16:45 CEST

Sessions in detail - 29th September

The future of work – coping with disruption in the workplace: the external perspective

How is the modern workplace adapting to the disruption caused by the pandemic? What are the pros and cons of a potentially more hybrid work environment?


One key function of ‘the office’ is to bring people together to collaborate, and this panel explores how we continue to do this when working remotely or in a hybrid model. It reflects on the new technologies that help us stay connected, takes a look at how facilities and office space are being used differently, and examines the ongoing value of in person interactions, networking and knowledge exchange in an increasingly digital world.

Panellists: Idoia de Paz, Esade (Spain), Léan Doody, ARUP (Ireland); Daria Tataj, Tataj Innovation (Poland)

29th September  |  14:05 CEST

IASP Inspiring Solutions Awards ceremony

Inspiring Solutions is IASP’s award programme to recognise excellence within science park and area of innovation management, and give visibility to the best projects and initiatives. Join us at this special ceremony where we will announce the three winners of the 2021 edition!

29th September  |  15:55 CEST

The future of work – coping with disruption in the workplace: insights from our industry

Managers of STPs and AOIs have continued their role as connectors of innovative people, even when working remotely or in a hybrid model. They are adopting new technologies to help us stay in touch and continue to collaborate, and adjusting their value proposition to meet the needs of today’s world. In this session, our practitioners take a look at how their facilities and offices have adapted during the pandemic, and how their use might change again going forward.


Will we see lower demand for space, or simply a different demand? Should facilities be repurposed or designed differently to continue enabling those spontaneous interactions that spark innovation? Has community building changed? What challenges and opportunities lie ahead for Science Parks and Areas of innovation in their crucial role to work with and for their community?

Panellists: Mai Louise Agerskov, INCUBA (Denmark); Herbert Chen, TusPark (China); Jernej Pintar, Technology Park Ljubljana (Slovenia)

29th September  |  14:35 CEST

IASP 2022 Sevilla appetizer

We are all looking forward to the return of in-person events, and for the opportunity to discover new innovation ecosytems around the world. Find out more about next year's IASP World Conference, which will take place in the beautiful historic city of Seville, Spain, hosted by our colleagues at Cartuja Science and Technology Park!

29th September  |  16:30 CEST

Going the extra mile: resident companies supported by their innovation communities 

Companies based in our innovation ecosystems share their experiences on the support science parks and areas of innovation offer them, especially when times are hard.


From the inspiration of being surrounded by other innovative businesses and creative people, the sense of community they create among residents and the partnerships that form organically, to the specific resources and new support mechanisms STPs and AOIs put in place during the pandemic, this session will explore the value of innovation communities from the perspective of the people who matter most: entrepreneurs and their companies.

Panellists: Mete Coban, My Life My Say (UK), Jonathan Durante, Expandify Marketing (Canada); Siddarth Tiwari, Tiwari Instruments (Germany). 

29th September  |  15:25 CEST

A culture of innovation: the fundamental role of culture in the development of an ecosystem

STPs and AOIs are constantly working to bring together the key players of innovation; connecting the ecosystems to foster collaboration and networking as accelerators of change.

That is what we could call the “hardware” of connectivity and communication. On top of that we need to put in place the right culture, or “software” of innovation. Which are the values and behaviors; the tools and processes that we need to live in order to spark innovation? What inspires entrepreneurs around a common goal?
Leading and managing the dynamics of people and teams might be the key to unleash a culture of innovation. 

Speaker: Eduardo P. Braun (Argentina) 

29th September  |  16:40 CEST

Sessions in detail - 30th September

IASP General Assembly

Access to the General Assembly is restricted to IASP members only.

30th September  |  14:05 CEST


30th September  |  15:05 CEST